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Best Laptops 2014-2015


Best Laptops 2014 - 2015  

The best laptops of 2014-2015 are expected to do everything you need them to except wash the dishes! The latest machines have the ability to keep you connected in ways that even 5 years ago was unimaginable according to the consumer reports.2014 will usher in a new age of computing. 



The cloud has really helped laptops to perform faster and make them much more user friendly for the people that are mad about media. Not too long ago if you were serious about sound you were tethered to your desktop. Today you can take an excellent sound system on the road wherever you go via your laptop, if you opt for the right one. 

What Makes the Best Laptops 2014-2015 List?

Making the best of list is going to be a bit difficult because the competition is stiff. It is not an easy task when you have competition from some of the best known names in computing. Each brand offers the basic packages so things that are going to matter will be the price point and the extras that are offered. 

Best laptops for 2014-2015 will have some of the hottest features yet! Expect to see:

    Upgraded audio systems 

    User friendly Apps 

    Lighter weights 

    Thinner profiles 

    Easier Syncing 

    Loads of multimedia options built in 

    Detachable keyboards making your laptop into a tablet 


Price Points 

The best laptops for 2014-2015 are going to have to be super competitive in the pricing department to make the list. With so many brands offering many of the features mentioned above and beyond the best of the best are going to have to be affordable. 

So what can you expect to pay? Depending on brand and model you can pay low end around $300 high end a couple of thousand dollars. There is something for everyone from the novice to the power user. 

The List 

Sanyo has some great offerings for this year according to the consumer reports! They have introduced several models at different price points so that even the most conservative budgets can afford one of the best laptops of 2014-2015! Sanyo is a well-known brand with a strong history of providing not only excellent products but also outstanding customer care. 


Acer a relative new comer has a few new models that fit nicely into the mid-range price point that will easily make the  best of list. Acer has become a strong contender in the last few years by simply proving that it deserves to be at the top of the list. 

Dell it is no surprise will also make the cut. Dell has become one of the consumers favorite brands when it comes to affordability and options. They have come out with several outstanding models that will surely make the top picks. 


Apple never falls short on options or durability multimedia users find the MacBooks to be the superior choice. Apple will unveil a few new surprises for this year which will likely propel their models to the top of the list!

Overall, there are several laptops can make the best laptops of 2015-2015 list. The key is to do your research and choose the options that you really need. 















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